Daily practice in surgery and orthopedics requires that predictive, preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic activities are performed by physicians. The success of these activities depends on the available data on patients condition, physicians knowledge and experience and available resources (instruments, devices, fixators, implants, software). But doctors are often not able to perform those activities in best possible way, because they lack the right information for decision making and/or procedures planning.

The primary objective of the project is to create a multi-level computer model of human osteoarticular (bone & joint) system that will satisfy a variety of preclinical and clinical requirements. The model of certain level is used to solve one or more problems in clinical practice and is accompanied by the appropriate programming tools for its creation and use. A set of models of various levels makes virtual human osteoarticular system. The secondary objective of the project is the development of new services, software tools and products that are used to perform predictive, preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic activities. These services and products will be provided by clinics or SME on a commercial basis. This objective includes the support to development of business and research environment in which the transfer and application of knowledge of virtual human osteoarticular system will be made.