Techno Naiss Group d.o.o.

"Techno Naiss Group d.o.o." is the company with long experience in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics and controlling. For many years, the team of experts meets requirements establish by domestic and foreign companies regarding designing, improvement and production of mechanical devices.


Our Mission is to satisfy our partner’s demands, which includes the highest possible level of service in terms of quality, professional relations and price levels.


The vision of "Techno Naiss Group d.o.o." is partnership on the base of OEM, but also the development of our own products. The first group of products, which can be seen in a regular offer of “Techno Naiss Group d.o.o.” resulted from the cooperation with the companies in the field of medicine diagnostics. These are X-ray protective shielding, the detailed description of which you can see in our catalogue.