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It can be expected that the project will provide three types of results: scientific, innovational, but also specific new products and services. Scientific results will be published in leading international scientific journals and they include:

  1. Generic 3D models of the most relevant bones
  2. Parametric 3D model of bone tissue in growth and in reparation process
  3. Defining optimal bone substituent from the combination of inorganic phosphate and bio-polymer
  4. Parametric model of joints and soft tissues, particularly in terms of neurovascular elements, for realistic simulation of interventions
  5. The method for determining the morphology and size of the missing parts of bones
  6. Method for the production of non-metallic implants of non-biodegradable and biodegradable implants using rapid prototyping technologies
  7. Models and methods for the prediction of mechanical behavior of bone-OM assemblies, optimization of size, shape and position of OM in relation to the bone and prediction of OM durability
  8. Model and method for prediction of behavior of osteoporosis attacked bone
  9. The method for determining the optimal shape of metal implants for internal fixation of the upper and lower extremities of tibia.
  10. New methods and ways of planning the technological processes
  11. Model of the system for the management of business processes, with built-in knowledge
  12. The formal model for fast configuration of production supply chains

Expected innovational results are:

  1. Technical documentation for the production of morphologically customized metal implants for internal fixation of the upper and lower extremities of tibia
  2. Specification of software tools for planning and simulation of surgical and orthopedic interventions in 3D space
  3. Environment for integral, knowledge based representation of products and services
  4. Requirements of application systems for management of business processes, production planning, supply chain configuration
  5. Technical documentation and technology of development of bone matrix (scaffold) for the growth of bone cells.

Equally important results of the project are the following new products and services:

  1. Morphologically adapted metal implants for internal fixation of the upper and lower extremities of tibia
  2. Missing bone parts destroyed by tumors and other pathological conditions
  3. Prototypes of the application systems for visualization of the formal models of products and business-research environment, business process management, supply chain configuration and production planning