WP3. Prediction-simulation models

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Leader: dr Nikola Korunovic

The third sub-project deals with prediction and simulation models. It is known that after the installation of breast implants and fixators, statics and dynamics of bone-joint system changes. These changes may lead to ruptures of bones or bone implants. Hence, this sub-project aims at developing models for prediction and optimization of mechanical behavior of assemblies that consist of human bones and osteo-fixation material (OM) under realistic load conditions, using finite element method. For the prediction of fracture risk for patients with osteoporosis, bone tissue 3D model will be used, developed by 3D reconstruction from serial pathohistological slices of bones, which are obtained by biopsy and necropsy. The thickness of cortical bone, the appearance of defects in bone plates and disappearance of bone sticks will be estimated, as well as topology and orientation, for patients of different ages and sexes. Planning and practicing surgery is one of the most important steps in the application of methods of surgical treatment of bone-joint system. Hence, within the sub-project, software tools for planning and simulation of surgical and orthopedic intervention in 3D space will be developed.