WP2. Geometric models

Leader: Prof. dr Miodrag Manic

Sub-project Geometric models aims at developing generic parametric 3D models of most relevant bones. Parametric model of the bone includes the outer surfaces and inner volumes, defined by mathematical and logical relations. In these relations, a number of variables will be set as the model arguments, which in the terminology of CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems are called (geometric) parameters. By changing some parameters of a generic 3D model it is possible to obtain a geometric model of specific patients bone. The data which are necessary for the creation of generic 3D models of individual bones are obtained from CT scans of bone-joint system. Developed 3D models of bones are the basis for creating other models. The second part of this sub-project refers to the use of bone models for: Design of custom metal implants and fixators and design of technology of their production; Determination of the morphology and size of the missing pieces of bone; Production of non-metallic non-biodegradable implants using rapid prototyping (RP) technologies; Production of biodegradable implants using RP technologies.